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Player name: Tengu
AIM contact: tengusaur
Alternate contacts: n/a (but you can reach me through the mod account)
Character name: Toshikazu Asagi
Source canon: Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince
Community tag: toshikazu_asagi
Do I want a HMD: Yes

Notes: n/a

Background: Asagi is a part of the MJP Project - a program to create genetically engineered clones who would serve to expand human race deeper into space. The project's focus switched from exploration to combat when humanity was attacked by the Wulgaru.
Asagi spent his childhood with a surrogate family, but he doesn't remember anything from that time - his memories were deleted when he joined the military academy, as usual for kids in the MJP Project. Here, he became a part of Team Rabbits, a group of five, from which Asagi is the oldest (17 at the start of the game). The Rabbits' lack of coordination and tendency to derp around earned them the nickname of Fail Five; but, despite that, they possess very high potential that made them the pilots for the experimental AHSMB units.
(Following spoilers are white-texted.)
Unknowingly to Asagi or his friends (or most people), half of his DNA was donated by Simon Gato, the head of the MJP project. Izuru also has Gato's genes, which means that they're technically half-brothers. While he keeps a stoic face about it, Gato really seems to think of the boys as his sons.
Personality: At a first glance Asagi might seem to be a cool lancer type, but this impression usually doesn't last long. He's a big worrywart who stresses over everything, suffers from crippling stage fright and lack of self-worth, and beats himself up over every mistake. This means that he often falls into a vicious circle where worrying about failing causes him to make a careless mistake and fail for real. The fact that he suffers from stomach ulcers doesn't help at all.
Because of that, Asagi often acts in a short-tempered or humorless manner. He doesn't appreciate the shenanigans the other Rabbits (read: Izuru) cause, and would rather be left alone (and is often dragged into them anyway, against his better judgement). When on his own, Asagi prefers to engage in relaxing, soothing hobbies such as taking care of bonsai trees or aromatherapy.
Asagi thinks a lot of the reality he's in, often to his detriment because it's not a reality he's happy to be in. He's very well aware of the casualties humans suffer in the war. He also wonders about his nature as a clone, especially when he discovers that the Wulgaru are mass-producing disposable clone troops - the parallels Asagi draws in his mind don't help with his confidence issues at all. 
On the bright side, all those qualities actually do make Asagi a responsible big brother figure, for both the rest of the Rabbits (they're pretty much family anyway) and other people he bonds with who who are younger and/or more helpless than him. He also may or may not have a crush on Kei; interpret it as you want.
Capabilities and Resources: Asagi has a special ability as a result of his genetic engineering - he's exceptionally good at quickly processing large amounts of information.

Type: Combatant

Unit Name: AHSMB Blue One (image)
Unit Description: Advanced High Standard Multi Purpose Battle Devices are hi-tech mecha prototypes, only a handful of which exists. It's a guarded secret that they use not just human, but also Wulgaru technology. They have JURIA system, which lets the machine synchronize with its pilot, and is reliant on his fight or flight instinct; the pilot must show a proper mindset in order for the AHSMB to switch from self-preservation mode to combat mode. AHSMBs consist of a relatively weak core machine and a battle frame "suit", which it wears - the docking can even happen in battle.
Blue One is a forward-type machine, built for direct assault. It's highly mobile and fast, depending on evasion as its first source of defense (like most real robots), but it has decently heavy armor and an energy barrier for when dodging is not enough. Offensively, it has a strong layout of short- and medium-range weapons: Blue One's main weapon is a very sharp katana that can also be used to deflect small beams, and it also has a spear for piercing heavily armored enemies. From ranged weapons, it's equipped with a heavy machinegun, a hand-held mini-missile launcher, and a large beam cannon that requires two hands to fire. The coils around its arms can serve as surprise (and rarely used) whip-like weapons. Finally, it has a small beam pistol for use in its core form without a battle frame, but it's weaker than any of the normal weapons and therefore is never used when they're available.
Like all AHSMBs, Blue one pays a price for its high performance; prolonged operation puts a lot of strain on its body. Even when not damaged, it requires a lot of maintenance.
Size: M
Terrain compatibility:
Air: Yes
Ground: Yes
Water: Yes
Space: Yes
Favored terrain: Space

Upgrades: None.

Wingmen: Blue One has its own specialized support and transport ship from which it can launch, but it's there mostly for flavour and won't participate in the actual battle. Other than that nothing, though I might request other MJP characters as them later if they're not apped.

Mission requirement: Yes, after the first MJP mission (might interact with other Rabbits before that).
Suggested Event List: Izuru's app will handle this. He's the hero.

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